Our Motto is: We will trip, fall, and skin our knees to delight our customers.
— Joe Agresti, CEO of Dream Motor Group

Expect Excellence | The Luxury of Convenience | Live the dream

Why buy from our dealerships in the South?

Because we are obsessed with our culture which is laser focused on creating an unrivaled customer experience.  We are a luxury retailer, not a car dealer and we measure ourselves in that light.  I am certain you will feel how differently we behave and how proud we are of the experiences we deliver to our cherished customers each and every time you interact with our like-minded and like-hearted team.

We have luxury automobile dealerships in 5 states located exclusively in the south.  We have access to thousands of vehicles just a quick drive away so if there is anything you want we can get it for you fast. This also gives us the ability to give you more money for your trade-in as we can move your vehicle to the optimal location to maximize its value.  In addition, our size gives us the ability to offer you programs that others cannot like our 3 and 30 sales guarantee which puts you in the driver’s seat securely and with peace of mind.  If you buy a preowned vehicle from us and it doesn’t meet your expectations in any way you have 3 days to return it for a full refund.  You have 30 days to return it for full credit towards the purchase of a different vehicle of your choice.

We have designed our unique and ultra-modern facility around your needs.  Every corner of the dealership was conceived with your convenience and comfort in mind.  We spared no expense to ensure you feel at home.  We have “over the top” amenities like complimentary massage chairs, and gourmet ice cream, juice and coffee bars.  We provide you with brand new loaner vehicles so you are always comfortable and safe.  

Possibly the most important reason why you should choose to do business with us is our sense of civic responsibility.  We support various charities throughout our community and give generously.  In fact, we have even given an entire month’s profits to a children’s hospital at our Texas location. We even give our employees paid time off to donate their time to our charitable partners.  It is in our hearts to give back.  It is a founding principal of our culture and you will feel our impact on the community more and more with each passing day.

Thank you for giving us a chance to serve you.  We won’t squander the opportunity to impress you.